Website Re-Design

Does Your Website Need Updated?

A modern website is essential for your business and can create interest and convert visitors to clients or customers.

Websites that are too complicated, have content that can't be viewed on a mobile device can cost you customers.

It's Not Just About Design

Having a beautiful website plays an important role in engaging your audience, and attracting visitors to your site, but it's not the only important factor to consider. The world wide web is always changing and your website must change with it to be compliant with today's standards. There are many moving parts to consider when re-designing a website.

The Process

# 1 Analysis

We analyze your website, files, images and the code to determine if you need a new design that will help search engines find you. We will implement new ideas for visual appeal.

#2 Report

After our analysis is complete, we provide our findings in a report that's clear and easy for you to understand. We can discuss your website re-design with you via email, phone, or Skype.

#3 Concepts

After reviewing your report, we can decide collaboratively what image and brand identity you would like to deliver to your prospective customers. We provide a PDF mockup of an agreed upon design route.

#4 Migration & Delivery

Sometimes not all content from the old website will be migrated into the new one. We highly recommend working with our copywriting services to take it to the next level. After the design process and development, we deliver a website that meets your intended goals.